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Deepu Jandu Blurred Sandeep Rehaan In Instagram Story

 Deepu Jandu Blurred Sandeep Rehaan In Instagram Story

As you know many controversies happen in Punjabi music industry, earlier people saw internet  fight  between “Deep Jandu” And “Karan Aujla”. Now Deep Jandu has posted instagram story where he blurred photo of “Sandeep Rehaan” who is owner of   company label “rehaan records” . People just started commenting and replying to deep jandu. Here are orginal photos blurred photos

you can clearly see deep jandu vanished some part of photo after some time some people posted orignal photo  where “Sandeep Rehaan” is standing between them .You can see that photo below .

now you can see Sandeep rehaan loyal friend of karana aujla is standing here. After people started commenting and tagging photos to both artists. This controversy clearly show that Karan aujla has no relation with deep jandu, also deep jandu has broken friendship Karan aujla . Sandeep rehaan and Karan aujla are not following deep jandu and his team on instagram . 

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