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Karan Aujla VS Deep Jandu | Karan Aujla DeepJandu Friendship Break

Karan Aujla VS Deep Jandu | Karan Aujla DeepJandu  Friendship Break  

Its like stranger to listen that most strong bond of “Karan Aujla ” Nd “Deep Jandhu”  is no more. there is no offical statement of that, but “Instagram ” Following to each other shows that they are no more friends , moreover owner of lable “Rehaan Records ” name “Sandeep Rehaan ” is not following Deep Jandu . Even “Jaytrack” And ” Manna Music ” Freinds of deep jandu have unfollowed to “Karan Aujla ” . There is One More controversy which is about new singer ” Nijjar ” was launched by “Karan Aujla ” And “Deep Jandu ” With Hit song ” Tension “. Before 7 -8 months  karan aujla unfollowed “nijjar ” for some reson and also nijjar unfollwed ” Karan aujla ” . Nijjar Tension is Big hit and was wriiten by karan aujla . After that everything was going right between deepn and karan .But This month “Nijjar ” released new song 24/7 With lyrics And music of KAran and Deep. Karan didnt share posterand song of Ig but deep promoted that song after that something has happened as sources . Sources also tell after corona pandemic karanaujla is living in surrey and deep in toronto and aujla is workingonly with indian music directors and due to long distance misconceptions have happened.

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